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21 days ago

Verzögert sich die Eröffnung der Cannabis Clubs?

Since April 1, 2024, cannabis has been partially legalized in Germany, and adults are now allowed to grow up to three cannabis plants per household or, hopefully soon, collectively grow the coveted plant in a cultivation association. Originally, it was expected that from July 1, applications for cultivation associations, also known as cannabis clubs, could be submitted. The federal government has decided that each federal state must decide for itself which authority is responsible for the application, but so far not each state has designated a responsible authority.

Berlin is lagging behind

In Berlin, there will be delays as the necessary regulation will not be completed in time. Health Senator Ina Czyborra (SPD) announced that a first draft of the regulation is only to be discussed at the level of the state secretaries on June 27. This means that people in Berlin will probably have to wait longer for the chance to start a cannabis club.

Meanwhile, Brandenburg has made faster progress. An application for the founding of a cannabis club can be submitted to the State Office for Occupational Health and Safety, Consumer Protection, and Health (LAVG) from July 1. The Brandenburg cabinet has made this agency responsible for implementing the cannabis law, and the LAVG will also supervise these cultivation associations in the future.

Bavaria is very meticulous

Bavaria will be scrutinizing applications for cannabis clubs when the regulations take effect on July 1. The State Office for Health and Food Safety will begin accepting applications from cultivation associations from this date. Minister of Health Judith Gerlach (CSU) emphasized that the procedure is prevention-oriented and includes on-site inspections and hearings of the affected municipalities. Every cultivation association will be inspected at least once per quarter. The processing time of the applications depends on their quality.

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