Discover Top-Quality Hemp Products, Vape Solutions, and Cannabis Club Management with Signature Products and Die Hanf-App

Hello Green-Vend Community,

I'm Florian Pichlmaier, CEO and Co-Founder of Signature Products GmbH and Die Hanf-App GmbH. I'm thrilled to join this vibrant community and share a bit about our companies and the innovative products and services we offer.

Signature Products GmbH

At Signature Products, we are dedicated to pioneering the hemp industry through:

  • Contract Farming of Industrial Hemp: We collaborate closely with farmers to cultivate high-quality hemp, ensuring sustainable and eco-friendly practices.
  • Trading of Hemp Raw Materials: Our range includes hemp seeds, protein, oil, and cannabinoid extracts. We guarantee premium quality and reliability.
  • Private Labelling: Offering a variety of hemp products such as CBD oil, hemp seed oil, and vape cartridges, we help businesses develop their own branded products with our expertise and quality assurance.
  • CCELL Vape Products: As the official distributor in Europe, we provide top-notch vape solutions including batteries, cartridges, and disposables for hemp extracts.

Die Hanf-App GmbH

In response to Germany's cannabis legalization, we launched Die Hanf-App, a comprehensive software solution for cannabis clubs. Our app ensures compliance with all legal regulations and fosters a strong community among members. Key features include:

  • Club Management: Simplifies the administrative tasks for cannabis clubs, ensuring they stay within legal bounds.
  • Community Building: Members can find clubs, sign up, view events, and reserve products like cannabis flowers.
  • Advertising Opportunities: We offer targeted advertising options for cannabis products, providing access to a dedicated audience of German cannabis consumers.
  • Free Access: The app is free for both clubs and members, financed through a B2B shop and unobtrusive, non-personalized ads.

We are excited about the potential of hemp and cannabis, not only as industries but as communities of passionate individuals and businesses. We look forward to engaging with you all on Green-Vend and exploring opportunities to collaborate and innovate together.

Best regards,

Florian Pichlmaier

CEO & Co-Founder

Signature Products GmbH & Die Hanf-App GmbH

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