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Hemp for Veterans | Robert Head

Welcome to another episode of "Let's Be Blunt with Montel"! In this compelling episode, Montel Williams dives into the world of cannabis advocacy specifically aimed at supporting veterans. Our guest is Robert Head, a dedicated

advocate and the founder of Hemp for Victory.

Robert's story is inspiring—after serving honorably in the Army and experiencing the challenges many veterans face when transitioning back to civilian life, he recognized a significant gap in the care provided to veterans,

particularly regarding mental and physical health. This realization propelled him into the world of cannabis advocacy, where he has become a driving force for change.

In this episode, we explore:

Robert's background and military service

His transition into the cannabis industry

The pivotal moment that led to the creation of Hemp for Victory

The diverse and influential board members supporting this mission

Efforts to dismantle the stigma surrounding cannabis use

The upcoming initiatives and collaborations for Hemp for Victory

Personal insights and anecdotes from Robert’s work with veterans

Join us as we uncover the vital role that cannabis is playing in helping veterans manage PTSD, chronic pain, and other post-service health issues. This is leaders educating leaders—making impactful change happen.

Tune in to this enlightening episode and learn how you can support the mission of Hemp for Victory. Don't forget to subscribe for more insightful discussions. Let's be blunt about it—change starts here.

Follow us on social media for updates and more conversations like this. Thanks for listening, and remember, change starts with being blunt.

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