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8 days ago

Geplante Änderungen am Cannabisgesetz stoßen auf Kritik

Various professional associations have expressed criticism of the planned changes to the Cannabis Law. This is particularly the case with regard to the rules for cultivation associations, as became clear during a hearing of the Health Committee.

Criticism points of the professional associations

National Association of Cannabis Cultivation Associations (BCAv):

  • The numerous regulations in the original draft law make it difficult for the founders of the association to get professional help.
  • It would be worthwhile to offer certain services related to the operation of the association from a single source.
  • The changes could have negative effects on the establishment and operation of cultivation associations.

German Hemp Association (DHV):

  • The new regulations could lead to the establishment of fewer cultivation associations, thereby strengthening the black market.
  • Without bundled services, the associations will have to negotiate and pre-finance many contracts themselves, which is problematic.
  • The prohibition of establishing multiple cultivation associations at the same location is not understandable.

New Judges Association (NRV):

  • The amendments do not address the actual need for regulation.
  • The term "not a small amount" in the original law is unclear and should be specified to avoid legal uncertainties.
  • It is recommended to set this amount high in order to avoid confusion in court.

Medical professional associations (Federal Medical Association and Professional Association of Paediatricians):

  • A more targeted prevention and education is required to better protect and educate children and adolescents.
  • Representatives of the association warn that children should not be given the impression that cannabis use is normal and that users would not adjust their consumption because there are children around. Therefore, "collateral damage" is to be expected.


The planned changes to the Cannabis Law are heavily criticized by professional associations. The main points of criticism are the complicated regulations for cultivation associations, unclear legal terms, and the need for better prevention for adolescents. It is feared that the changes may strengthen the black market and make the establishment of new cultivation associations more difficult.

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