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16 days ago

Gegenwind aus der CSU- Lauterbach sei der Heuchler

The state government of Bavaria, led by the CSU, rejected the cannabis law until it came into effect and issued bans on the consumption of cannabis in public places, for example at folk festivals, in the beer garden or in the English Garden. However, further alcohol consumption at the festivals is, of course, still allowed. Karl Lauterbach also thinks this is absolutely absurd and publicly called the CSU a hypocrite during the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Basic Law . The senior party members did not take this lying down and fought back.

The CSU remains unteachable

Health Minister Judith Gerlach, CSU parliamentary group leader Klaus Holetschek and CSU General Secretary Martin Huber underscore their rejection of legalization and announced that they would continue to take strong action against the law and public consumption in Bavaria. Huber states: "The only hypocrite is Karl Lauterbach: Despite all warnings from doctors and youth psychologists, he pushed through legalization. This endangers children and adolescents." In addition, Lauterbach's approach is contradictory: on the one hand, cannabis is legalized, on the other hand, millions are spent on an educational campaign that warns of the dangers of consumption.

Health Minister Gerlach described Lauterbach's accusations as "absurd". Bavaria fully exploited the federal framework for cannabis fines, which according to the CSU politician is correct. "We are sending a clear signal that we consider it important to protect young people from drug use. It is completely absurd that the federal government continues to downplay the risks of cannabis."

No model regions for cannabis consumption

Holetschek also announced that all legal steps would be taken to keep cannabis consumption in Bavaria as low as possible. In particular, the second phase of legalization must not be implemented. He emphasized that Bavaria does not need model regions for cannabis consumption, where production, distribution and sale of cannabis in specialist shops are enabled and the ban on commercialization is circumvented.

In their written statements, the politicians did not respond to the accusation by Lauterbach that the CSU tolerates alcohol excesses in Bavaria while cannabis consumption is heavily criticized and even criminalized. During a discussion round at the Democracy Festival, Lauterbach also admitted that cannabis consumption carries risks. However, he emphasized that this "is definitely not much more dangerous than if I drink alcohol every day". Therefore, he thinks it is wrong to criminalize people who prefer cannabis over alcohol.

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