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20 days ago

Europe’s Cannabis Evolution | Dr. Andy Mannsfeld

Welcome to another illuminating episode of "Let's Be Blunt with Montel"! This is the go-to podcast for all the canna-curious minds out there seeking unfiltered truths about cannabis and its global impact.

Today, we're setting sail across the Atlantic to explore the burgeoning cannabis landscape of the European Union. We're honored to have a distinguished guest who has witnessed the seismic shifts in the cannabis industry

from two different continents. Meet Dr. Andy Mannsfeld—born in Germany, bred in the US, and now a stalwart in the European cannabis space.

Episode Highlights:

Dr. Andy Mannsfeld's Background: Discover Dr. Mannsfeld's journey from growing up in Germany to practicing medicine in the US, and his first exposure

to medical cannabis in Colorado.

German Cannabis Legalization: Get an insider's view of the new German cannabis legalization law and what it means for the future.

Medical Cannabis in Europe vs. the US: How does medical cannabis use in places like Germany and across Europe compare to what we've seen in the States?

Cannabis Legislation Across Europe: Learn how various European countries are approaching cannabis legalization.

Business and Employment Opportunities: With new laws sprouting, what's the business buzz? What types of employment opportunities are emerging in the

European cannabis industry?

Andy’s Cannabis Jobs Platform: Hear about Dr. Mannsfeld's motivation to create a cannabis jobs platform for the EU and his vision for its evolution

over the coming years.

Join us as we dive deep into these topics and more, offering you a comprehensive look at the European cannabis scene. Dr. Mannsfeld's unique perspective, having had a ringside seat in Colorado during the legalization wave

and now in Germany, promises insights you won't want to miss.

Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the European cannabis landscape and its future. Dr. Mannsfeld's expertise and firsthand experiences make this an episode you can't afford to skip.

If you enjoyed our conversation today, please rate us, share this episode with your friends, and subscribe for more candid talks. This is Montel Williams signing off, and remember, wherever you are in the world, let's be


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