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23 days ago

Schweizer Studie: die Abgabe von Edibles legal testen

An innovative pilot project has been underway in Switzerland for some time now, testing the distribution of cannabis in various cities. This project aims to investigate the impacts and feasibility of a regulated cannabis provision. In cities such as Zurich, Basel and Bern, special dispensaries have been set up where registered participants can legally purchase cannabis products. The goal of the project is to gain scientifically based insights that should facilitate an informed debate about future cannabis policy in Switzerland. The pilot project is part of a comprehensive strategy to modernise cannabis usage and curb the black market.

Switzerland now wants to take this a step further, and legally distribute edibles as part of another research project.

Cannabis Sweets: Legal and Controlled

In Switzerland, cannabis sweets will soon be legally available. These contain active THC and are a popular alternative to consumption worldwide. The Swiss version will be produced by a local manufacturer who has received approval from the Federal Office of Health. From July, the edibles are to be sold in three shops in the canton of Zurich and several pharmacies to registered study participants.

Buyers will need to register as participants in the Swiss Cannabis Research study, which began in the canton of Zurich and includes over 7500 participants. The study aims to deliver scientific results about cannabis regulation. The products, Wine-Gummies and Pralinés, will contain a maximum of ten mg of THC per piece and are deliberately expensive to prevent excessive consumption.

Germany is lagging behind

While Switzerland breaks new ground with the legalization of edibles, Germany remains behind. By not legalizing the sale of edibles, Germany continues to provide a basis for the black market. Learn more about the legalization in Germany.

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