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17 days ago

Medizinisches Cannabis ohne Rezept aus der Apotheke?

Thomas Preis, Chairman of the North Rhine Pharmaceutical Association, is advocating for a change in the rules regarding the distribution of cannabis in pharmacies. He argues that in addition to medicinal cannabis, which so far was only available on prescription, products for self-medication should also be offered without a prescription in pharmacies. He emphasises the importance of qualified advice from pharmacists. Despite this demand, Preis rejects the dispensation of recreational cannabis in pharmacies and social clubs.

Medicinal cannabis without a prescription

The planned changes are intended to destigmatise medical cannabis and lead to increased demand. Mr Preis fears that the dispensation of private prescriptions for medical cannabis will double in pharmacies, while prescriptions for legally insured individuals will only slowly increase, as they still need to be approved by health insurance companies.

The managing director of the Association of Cannabis Supplying Pharmacies (VCA), Christiane Neubauer, expressed criticism of the project's demands. She described them as "very dangerous" and emphasised the need for medical accompaniment for seriously ill patients who rely on medicinal cannabis.

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