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17 days ago

The Future of Luxury Cannabis | Terrence White

In this eye-opening episode of 'Let's Be Blunt with Montel', we sit down with Terrence White, the dynamic CEO behind

Monko, a brand that's redefining luxury in the cannabis market and setting a bold standard for social equity in the industry. With a rich background in real estate and an impressive portfolio of entrepreneurial success, Terrence shares his unique journey from

navigating the property market to establishing a leading name in luxury cannabis with Monko.

Listeners will be treated to an insider look at what it takes to pivot careers into the burgeoning cannabis industry, the inspiration behind creating an upscale cannabis experience, and the importance of integrating social

justice into the heart of the cannabis business model.

Terrence dives deep into the essence of the Monko experience, shedding light on the brand's vertical integration and how it maintains its pioneering edge in a rapidly evolving industry. He doesn't shy away from discussing

the challenges and rewards of advocating for social equity, his vision for the future of cannabis, and his plans for expanding Monko's luxury experience beyond DC.

For those intrigued by the intersection of cannabis, luxury, and social impact, or looking to make more informed choices in the world of high-end cannabis, Terrence offers actionable advice and insights.

Tune in on Wednesday, March 27, 2024, at 3:30pm for a compelling conversation that promises to enrich your perspective on the luxury cannabis lifestyle and the power of entrepreneurial spirit in championing social change.

Don't miss out on this candid discussion that's as enlightening as it is inspiring.

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