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18 days ago

Fahrradfahren unter Cannabiseinfluss: Was sagt das Gesetz?

Road safety is a central concern for society and legislation. While alcohol at the wheel has clearly defined alcohol limits and associated penalties, the question of how to deal with cannabis at the bicycle handlebars is increasingly raising questions. What rules apply here? What penalties threaten in case of violations? In this context, attorney Melanie Leier, expert in traffic law, illuminates the legal framework conditions and possible consequences for cyclists under the influence of cannabis.

Cycling under the influence of cannabis - what is punishable, what is not?

Unlike with drunken cyclists, there are currently no fixed thresholds for the ability to drive under the influence of cannabis, at least when cycling. Because for drivers a limit value of 1.0 nanogram THC per milliliter of blood serum was introduced. However, this says nothing about the actual state of the person, because even if the consumption is a few days ago and the consumer is completely sober behind the wheel, this limit can be reached. Therefore, this is raised to 3.5 nanograms. 

However, it should be noted that individuals who are under the influence of cannabis may no longer be able to safely cycle, thus are considered unfit to drive and risk legal consequences. The determination of unfitness to drive is always individual and based on the respective circumstances. The penalties for riding a bike under the influence of cannabis can vary depending on the individual case. Possible consequences range from fines to driving bans or the withdrawal of the driving license. In the event of an accident, drug use can be detrimental to the person who rode a bicycle while stoned.

In view of the current discussions about the legalization of cannabis, the legislator is faced with the challenge of creating clear regulations. The definition of appropriate THC thresholds for driving ability is a central question. You can find the complete interview on the topic at mz.de.

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