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21 days ago

Originally, the federal government planned the legalization of cannabis based on a two-pillar principle. The first pillar encompasses the decriminalization of cannabis, as well as the arrangement for private cultivation, and collective cultivation in cannabis clubs. This came into effect on April 1, 2024. So far, however, it has not been announced when and to what extent the second pillar will be implemented. But now there is movement in the matter.

Pillar 2 of the CanG.

The second pillar includes the planning and execution of pilot projects in different regions, which test various approaches for the sale of cannabis for recreational use. Under this principle, the distribution of consumer cannabis is already being tested in Switzerland. The federal government intends to accompany the different models in the context of a five-year study project and determine the best functioning system for the future. Thus, the effects of a commercial supply chain on health and youth protection as well as the black market will be determined and scientifically investigated.

Pilot projects against the black market

The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture is continuing its efforts to implement this pillar. A draft regulation circulating in cannabis association circles reveals that the ministry led by Cem Özdemir (Green) has just designated the Federal Institute for Agriculture and Food as the authority for approving and supervising the handling of cannabis for scientific purposes.

Industry experts see this move as a step to allow commercial sale of cannabis in pilot projects. Jürgen Neumeyer from the Cannabis Industry Association expressed hope that this creates a viable path for legally selling cannabis products in at least some scientific projects in Germany. He emphasizes the keen interest of members and argues that without the possibility of selling cannabis directly to the consumer, the black market could not be suppressed. Neumeyer anticipates legal certainty soon, to promote the establishment of production facilities in Germany. Additionally, he welcomes the scientific companionship, which can help to better understand the effects on the black market and consumer behavior.

Learn more about the 2-pillar principle of cannabis legalization in Germany.

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