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23 days ago

Homegrow im Aachen - ein Rentner sorgt für Überraschung

When neighborhood assistance backfires: In Aachen, the residents of a multi-family house were concerned about their 75-year-old neighbor, whom they had not seen or heard from for days. Therefore, they decided to alert the police. But what the police found during their investigation surprised them a lot.

Homegrow exclusive

It turned out that the said gentleman had not been at home for some days due to medical treatment, which worried his neighbors. When the police arrived to check on things, no one responded to repeated ringing, and the door remained locked. Eventually, the firefighters had to intervene and forcibly open the retiree's door.

But instead of encountering the said man, the officers discovered a large cannabis plantation with a total of 242 cannabis plants, as well as various items like potting soil and fertilizer. The criminal police confiscated the plants and initiated criminal proceedings against the man. Officially, under the new law, a homegrow of a maximum of three plants is permitted, so the gentleman seems to have gone a bit overboard.

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