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a month ago


In this episode of "Let's Be Blunt with Montel," we're taking a deep dive into the evolving legal landscape of cannabis in New York State with our distinguished guest, Jason Ambrosino. This entrepreneur and dedicated advocate

has not only made significant strides in navigating New York's complex cannabis regulations through his ventures, Veterans Holdings and Veterans Hemp Market, but his military service and unwavering commitment to supporting veterans spotlight a profound dedication

to community and innovation.

Join us as Jason shares insightful narratives on transitioning from military life to the forefront of the cannabis industry, overcoming regulatory hurdles in New York, and debunking common myths surrounding the market. Further,

he explores the critical role of legislation in cannabis therapy for veterans and forecasts the future of cannabis regulations in New York. Through his stories, discover how military skills can uniquely prepare one for the challenges of cannabis entrepreneurship

and the impact of Jason’s work on veterans' access to cannabis.

We'll also get an intimate glimpse into Jason’s brands, such as New York Honey and Space Buds, and learn how giving back remains integral to his mission. With upcoming initiatives on the horizon, Jason’s vision for the cannabis

industry, especially concerning veterans in New York, promises to inspire and drive change.

Don’t miss this enlightening dialogue on how perseverance, advocacy, and leadership are sculpting the New York cannabis scene. Tune in to grasp the profound intersection of military service, entrepreneurship, and legalization

efforts reshaping the future of therapeutic cannabis.

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