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Fliegen mit Weed im Handgepäck? Ist das möglich?

Flying with an airplane has become everyday reality for some people, be it for business matters, holiday travels, or visiting friends and family. But while the security regulations and rules for air travel are well known, the question of whether to take cannabis always raises uncertainties. Especially since the legalization of the personal consumption of cannabis in Germany from the 1st of April 2024, the question arises as to whether and to what extent carrying weed is allowed.

Weed in the airplane

Even before legalization, carrying cannabis as a medicine was possible under certain conditions, both on domestic and foreign flights. Doctors could prescribe narcotics, which is what cannabis was until recently, and patients were allowed to take these in reasonable amounts for their personal medical use across borders.

But since the legalization, cannabis is no longer a narcotic and the carrying of consumption cannabis was also allowed. An adult person can carry up to 25 grams in public. Even on an airplane?

"For air security reasons according to paragraph 5 of the Air Security Act, there are no objections to carrying cannabis up to 25 grams in carried hand or travel luggage," explains a spokesperson of the Federal Police at Frankfurt Airport in response to a request from aerotelegraph. But here it is important to emphasize that this only applies to domestic flights. Because the import and export of cannabis remains prohibited, unless you use the herb for medical reasons.

Within the limits of the quantities permitted in the Cannabis Act, there is no sanction for carrying on domestic flights.

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