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Welcome to another insightful episode of "Let's Be Blunt with Montel" where your host, Montel Williams, takes you on a truth-seeking mission into the world of cannabis. We confront the harsh reality of misinformation and

the overwhelming need for genuine, trustworthy cannabis education.

Joining us is the tenacious Andrew Ward, a highly regarded journalist and author within the cannabis space, seasoned with a personal touch to his exploration of cannabis topics. Together, we venture into the misunderstood

arenas of the cannabis world.

In This Episode:

Background & Personal Connection: Andrew kicks off the show by sharing his roots and how his own experiences with cannabis led him down a path of advocacy

and enlightenment.

CBD Miracle: A heartwarming account of how Andrew witnessed CBD transforming his dog's health and well-being.

Dissecting Misinformation: What does 'cannabis education gap' really mean? Andrew uncovers the layers of misunderstanding and the common misconceptions

encountered during his career.

Roots of the Problem: We examine why misinformation perpetuates within the industry and the effects it has at the grassroots level.

The Impact of the Point of Sale: The critical role of dispensaries in bridging the gap between knowledge and sales practices.

Technology's Role: A look into how platforms and tools are being used to educate and spread the right message about cannabis.

Legalization and Education: The influence of state legalization movements on the narrative around cannabis and the continuous battle against misinformation.

Remember, "knowledge is power," and through this episode, we invite you to become a powerful advocate for cannabis truth. Understand the importance of questioning, learn to discern credible sources, and spread awareness

to enrich our collective understanding.

Don't just listen, act. Join the conversation, empower yourself and others through advocacy, and help us bridge the cannabis education gap.

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