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Öffentlicher Konsum von Cannabis? Nicht in Bayern!

Bavaria, long known for its strict stance towards cannabis, is now enshrining its positions in law. Markus Söder, who fought vehemently against the partial legalization of cannabis, is likely experiencing deep satisfaction as the cabinet has decided to ban smoking pot at folk festivals, in beer gardens, and in special smoking rooms.

The new laws aim to limit public consumption as much as possible and levy stiff penalties for violations— for example, 1000 euros for smoking cannabis in the presence of children or young people. More on the penalties can be found in the recently published fine catalog, which was created by the Bavarian Ministry of Health.

Consumption - Prohibitions at a glance

  • Folk festivals: Cannabis consumption will be completely banned at folk festivals, including the Wiesn.
  • Beer gardens and smoking rooms: Cannabis products will be included in the statutory smoking ban and smoking pot will also be banned in designated smoke rooms and areas, as well as in outdoor areas of restaurants and cafes and in beer gardens. The ban extends to the burning, heating, and vaporizing of cannabis products.
  • English Garden and other park facilities: Smoking pot is generally prohibited in state parks such as the English Garden in Munich and the Hofgarten Bayreuth.

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