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2 months ago


In this heartening episode of "Let's Be Blunt with Montel," we uncover the remarkable account of Adam Beltran, a stroke survivor whose path to recovery has been uniquely intertwined with cannabis therapy. After facing

the harrowing trials post-stroke, Adam's quest for healing brought him to the burgeoning world of medicinal cannabis—a decision that not only facilitated his physical recuperation but also spurred a personal transformation.

The conversation reaches deep into the societal misconceptions and medical possibilities surrounding cannabis use. From initial reluctance to passionate advocacy, Adam's transformation offers listeners an intimate look at

the powerful impact of alternative therapies. With gratitude to Dustin Hoxworth and the team at Fat Nuts magazine for spotlighting this inspiring tale, we're set to explore the intersection of adversity and the pioneering spirit.

Join us as we discuss Adam’s pivot from traditional recovery methods to cannabis, the reactions of friends and family to his unconventional choice, and the founding of Cannabis Intentions. We'll also hear about his firsthand

experiences working as a budtender, where he gathered insights from consumers that shaped his understanding of cannabis's diverse therapeutic roles.

Adam's advice for those considering cannabis for health reasons is a testament to the potential of open-mindedness in face of personal and collective health challenges. His story isn't just about personal perseverance; it's

a dialogue on progress, understanding, and the evolving landscape of cannabis in modern wellness.

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