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2 months ago

Neuer Bußgeldkatalog für Bayern

Markus Söder and the CDU/CSU have already publicly expressed their stance on cannabis several times. Meanwhile, a control unit is being established in Bavaria to monitor the consumption of cannabis. Since April, the Cannabis Act has been in effect, which allows consumption and cultivation of the plant with restrictions, but is met with strict and intractable opposition from the Bavarian government.

Söder implements warnings

The new Cannabis Act in Germany allows the consumption and cultivation of cannabis under certain restrictions, but there is still no fixed fine catalog for violations. This is not planned according to the Ministry of Health. Markus Söder, CSU chairman and Bavarian Prime Minister, uses this opportunity to establish his own sanctions for Bavaria. He emphasizes that Bavaria will not become a pothead paradise and threatens harsh fines for violations of the Cannabis Act. Among other things, penalties of up to 1,000 euros for consumption in the vicinity of minors are to be imposed. Furthermore, Bavaria plans to restrict the consumption of cannabis in public spaces such as folk festivals and the English Garden in Munich.

Planned Fines

  • Public possession of cannabis between 25 and 30 grams: 500 - 1000 €
  • Private possession of cannabis between 50 and 60 grams: 500 - 1000 €
  • Consumption in immediate proximity of minors: 1000 €
  • Consumption within prohibited zones: 500 €
  • Consumption in military areas: 300 €
  • Illegal import of cannabis seeds (from non-EU countries) : 100 - 30.000 €
  • Advertising and sponsorship for Cannabis Clubs: 100 - 30.000 €

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