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4 months ago

Wee'did it! - das CanG. ist unterschrieben

The Federal Council approved the law for controlled handling of cannabis on Friday, March 22, 2024, without calling the mediation committee. This, of course, delighted all cannabis fans and those who recognise the nonsense behind the previous prohibition. Therefore, nothing stood in the way of the 'light' legalisation on April 1, 2024. The only problem: Frank-Walter Steinmeier is currently on holiday. There was a great concern that this could further delay the law. But this was unfounded, as Federal Council President Manuela Schwesig signed the long-awaited law in his stead.

The CanG. has been signed

The Office of the Federal President announced that there were no obstacles to the enactment of the law, and the command for proclamation in the Federal Law Gazette has already been issued. The law provides that possession of 25 grams of dried cannabis in public remains unpunished. Cultivation and distribution are to be enabled through cultivation associations, while home cultivation allows up to 50 grams and three flowering female plants. However, the regulations for the cultivation associations do not take effect until July 1.

This law marks a significant turning point in German drug policy after decades of debate. It passed the Federal Council last Friday, although the Union faction in the Bundestag had hoped that the Federal President would refuse to sign to stop the law. But now it's official - from April 1, 2024, cannabis will be partly legal in Germany!

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