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19 days ago

Union will Legalisierung rückgängig machen

The upcoming legalization of cannabis has provoked significant reactions in the Union and among its members. Through various statements and threats, they have made their position on this issue more than clear. Nevertheless, the law will come into effect. The necessary steps for legalization have already been taken, and only the signature of Federal President Steinmeier is missing before the law comes into force on April 1, 2024. This date marks a turning point in German drug policy.

What will be allowed with the legalization in Germany and what will not, you can find out in the article on the 2-pillar principle .

Union threatens to repeal the law

The members of the Union seem to have difficulty recognizing and understanding the positive aspects of the upcoming legalization of cannabis. Rather, they seem to believe that the law simply introduces cannabis into the country, instead of recognizing that it is about creating legality and safe use for the already existing and increasing number of consumers. These people, who are not criminals, have been pursued and criminalized for years, even though cannabis is already ubiquitous in our society.

The traffic light coalition is doing the only right thing by creating a way to educate children, adolescents and also adult consumers and teach them mindful handling of the drug. However, the CDU remains unteachable and seems not to want to know anything about these arguments. They are now even threatening to immediately revoke the law as soon as they are in power as Friedrich Merz, party leader of the CDU, promises. However, this should not be as easy as Merz imagines it. In the vote both in the Bundestag and in the Bundesrat, the majority of the countries spoke out in favor of the CanG.

The CDU/CSU would be wise to deal with more important issues, such as the already legal drugs in our country and the people who suffer from them and record hundreds of thousands of deaths each year due to alcohol, tobacco, and medication.

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