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4 months ago

Die Union fordert: Steinmeier soll das CanG. nicht unterschreiben

On Friday, 22nd March 2024, the Bundesrat waved through the CanG. without the Mediation Committee being called. The Mediation Committee was the last hope for the opponents of the law. With their last strength and weak reasoning, they tried to persuade the states to vote against the upcoming entry into force (01.04.2024) of the CanG. But without success. The community and all the proponents who recognize the injustice in drug policy celebrated this day, which will go down in German history.

Despite serious criticism in the council of the federal states, no majority could be won to call on the mediation committee of the Bundestag and Bundesrat to delay the law. Therefore, the reform can come into force as planned on Easter Monday. However, Federal President Steinmeier must first sign the law and officially announce it. But the Union does not give up and asks Federal President Steinmeier not to sign the draft law.

Steinmeier still has to sign the law

The health policy spokesman of the Union parliamentary group, Tino Sorge, expressed hope that the law could be stopped by his efforts. He demanded that the law be temporarily stopped due to the chaotic debate of recent weeks.

The Federal President primarily checks laws for compliance with the provisions of the Basic Law. In addition, according to the prevailing legal opinion, he also has a limited material right of examination. He can refuse to sign a law if its content is obviously against the Basic Law. However, there have been only a few cases in which the head of state refused to sign a law.

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