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23 days ago


Today on "Let's Be Blunt with Montel," we peer behind the green curtain of the rapidly budding cannabis industry in New Jersey with a special focus on the innovative Blue Oak dispensary.

Montel Williams, celebrated advocate and talk show host, is accompanied by Danielle Wildstein, the pioneering Owner of Blue Oak, to unfold a tale of transformation, community impact, and empowerment in the world of legal cannabis.

In this episode, we explore:

Danielle's Impressive Pivot: From consulting and pharma to leading a cannabis venture – unraveling the motivation behind her career


Blue Oak's Grand Opening: A sneak peek into the objectives and expectations for their highly anticipated launch in Bloomfield.

"Naturally Refined" Philosophy: Delving into Blue Oak's unique approach and how it embodies its commitment to quality and natural


Regulation Navigation: Strategies on how Blue Oak steers through New Jersey's intricate regulatory landscape.

Social Impact: Examining the ripple effect of cannabis legalization on local communities and Blue Oak's role in this context.

Elevation through Education: Why spreading knowledge is a foundational tenet at Blue Oak and its significance for consumer empowerment.

Female Leadership in Cannabis: Insight into Danielle’s unique perspectives as a female CEO in the traditionally male-dominated industry.

Visions of Growth: Prospects and aspirations for Blue Oak and New Jersey's cannabis culture at large.

Challenges on the Path: Reflecting on the hurdles encountered while bringing Blue Oak to life and strategies for overcoming them.

Technology Integration: An inside look at how Blue Oak employs tech innovations to enhance customer journeys.

Commitment to Sustainability: How environmental concerns are intricately woven into Blue Oak’s operations.

Join us as Danielle provides an invaluable glimpse into New Jersey's greening landscape. Her expertise sheds light on how informed leadership and a steadfast commitment to quality and education

are shaping a more sustainable future in cannabis retail.

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