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a month ago

Bayern in der Schlacht gegen das CanG.

The Health Minister Judith Gerlach (CSU) has big plans to further impede cannabis consumption in Bavaria. The formation of cultivation clubs, in which up to 500 people can collectively grow cannabis, should be subject to strict documentation requirements and controls. For this purpose, 20 new posts for cannabis inspectors are to be created at the State Office for Health and Food Safety, who will regularly check the cultivation clubs and issue licenses.

Costs in the millions

The minister estimates the costs for establishing this control unit at about 4.7 million euros and annual running costs of around 1.2 million euros. She emphasizes that this constitutes a considerable personnel and financial effort caused by the federal cannabis legalization. It's crazy that the legalization is supposed to cause these costs, and not the ideological views of the CSU.

Although the cannabis legalization was decided by the Bundestag, Bavaria has submitted a motion in the Bundesrat to reject the law. However, the chances of success are considered low. Also, the possibility of a lawsuit to stop the legalization is considered low by the Ministry of Health. Nevertheless, Bavaria's Minister of the Interior and his counterparts from other states are considering a lawsuit.

The minister and the interior minister are counting on the mediation committee of the Bundesrat being called on 22.03. to possibly delay the law. Various committees of the Bundesrat have already criticized details of the law, including the planned amnesty for committed offenses and the timing of the legalization. Bavaria plans to further expand preventive work in schools to communicate the risks of cannabis consumption and thus curb the public trivialization of drugs.

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