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a month ago

Experten appellieren: Bundesrat soll Can.G. nicht verzögern

More than 40 different drug and addiction experts are appealing to the Federal Council not to delay the enactment of the Cannabis Act. In an open letter that already went to the Bundestag before the CanG. vote, they emphasize the importance and significance of the traffic light scheme for public health, youth protection, and social justice. They also argue that the consumption of cannabis and other drugs is a matter of health and social policy, not of internal security or criminal policy. The experts call for a change from a primarily criminal law perspective to a preventive and health-promoting one.

Strict controls are not necessary

They argue that the distance rules may not need to be strictly enforced as feared by some as most consumers behave socially responsible and will obey current regulations. There is no need for police checks without a specific cause, according to the experts.

Furthermore, the project is expected to relieve the judiciary in the future as possession offenses will be significantly reduced. Therefore, a reduction in law enforcement efforts can be expected in the long term. Additionally, the black market will see a significant decline due to the future law. Some experts, including members of the so-called Schildower Kreis, have been advocating for alternative approaches to repressive drug policy for years.

Hearing in the Federal Council

The Bundestag had decided by a clear majority for the partial legalization of cannabis, which is expected to come into effect in April. However, the law must be finally dealt with in the Federal Council on March 22. Although no approval is required, the Chamber of States could call the mediation committee and thus still delay its enactment.

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