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a month ago

Das CanG.- Chaos. Legalisierung nicht vor Oktober?

For the proponents of the CanG, things are not looking good at the moment after its approval by the Bundestag. Markus Söder is already threatening to deploy all possible means to obstruct the law and to make life difficult for cannabis consumers in Bavaria. Criticism is now also coming from within the ranks of the Traffic Light Coalition, specifically from regional politicians from the SPD and the Greens. This is particularly grotesque when one considers that it is precisely these parties that advertised the legalization of cannabis in the 2021 federal elections. It seems that the obstacles to the passage of the law are growing from different sides, calling into question the prospect of rapid legalization.

Federal states press for a delay in the law

Several federal states, including North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony, are pushing for the law's entry into force to be postponed by at least six months. They argue that the time period between its passage and its entry into force would not be sufficient for the judicial authorities to implement the regulations on retroactive amnesty in a timely manner. However, the law still needs to be approved by the Bundesrat.

Although the Bundesrat cannot directly stop the CanG as it is an objection law, it can delay it by convening a mediation committee. This body, consisting of members from the Bundestag and Bundesrat, deals with laws that are rejected by the states in the Bundesrat. The members of the mediation committee usually seek a compromise. If no compromise is found, the majority of the Traffic Light Coalition in the Bundestag can override the Bundesrat's objections.

Therefore, the cannabis law is not immediately in danger, but a delay is very likely.

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