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3 months ago


In this eye-opening episode of "Let's Be Blunt with Montel," enter the world of cannabis reform in Delaware,

a state grappling with the complexities of legalization and regulation. Montel Williams is joined by Zoë Patchell, the President of the Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network a tireless advocate

and a key player in cannabis policy reform across various states.

Together, they unearth the progress and roadblocks faced by reformers in Delaware, providing a snapshot of the current legislative landscape. Zoë shares her personal activism journey, starting from her initial involvement

to the challenges she has bravely navigated.

Listeners will gain insight into:

The status of cannabis legislation in Delaware.

Major barriers thwarting cannabis policy progression.

Achievements and victories scored by advocacy groups.

How individuals and grassroots organizations can influence cannabis policies.

Legislative hurdles and recent triumphs in Delaware's cannabis scene.

Future prospects for state cannabis policies, including potential economic and social impacts.

Strategies for surmounting resistance in states opposed to cannabis reform.

The resilience required in advocacy work, with personal anecdotes from Zoë's experience.

Steps for aspiring activists to kickstart their advocacy efforts.

Economic trends observed in states where cannabis is legal and their lessons for Delaware.

The transformative role of digital platforms in advocating for cannabis reforms.

Montel and Zoë's conversation isn't just about cannabis—it's a rallying cry for activism, education, and the undying spirit to push for change. They highlight the essential need for spreading awareness about cannabis benefits

and challenges as the nation moves toward a more comprehensive understanding and legalization of the plant.

For extra resources and to engage further with the cause championed by Zoë Patchell, the Cannabis Bureau of Delaware, and NORML, check out the links in our episode description. Stay informed, advocate for change, and remain

part of the conversation. Because when it comes to advocacy, every voice matters.

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