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Teillegalisierung: wo du zukünftig dein Gras kaufen kannst

Last week, the Bundestag approved the law on the legalization of cannabis with an overwhelming majority. This decision marks a significant step as cannabis can now legally be carried and consumed under certain conditions. The legalization takes place according to a 2-pillar principle, with the Bundestag having approved only the first pillar so far. Once the Bundesrat also agrees, the law will come into force.

The goals of the Cannabis Legalization Law (CanG.) include displacing the black market and improved protection for children and adolescents. The black market, which often contaminates the weed with synthetic cannabinoids or toxic substances such as Brix, should no longer stand a chance in Germany. Instead, consumers should be able to rely on quality-tested and safe cannabis.

The legal procurement

Although the legalization is supposed to take effect on April 1st, the cultivation clubs will only open their doors from July 1st. Members of a club are allowed to acquire up to 50 grams of cannabis per month if they are registered there. It is not permitted to be a member in multiple clubs.

Furthermore, every adult is allowed to grow up to three flowering, female cannabis plants at home and store up to 50 grams of cannabis. But what about occasional consumers who are not interested in growing their own or being a club member?

For this group, until the second pillar of the law is implemented, there is no other option than visiting cannabis clubs or growing their own. Because the sale or distribution of cannabis among friends and acquaintances is still punishable. In the second pillar, it was originally planned to test the sale in state-licensed shops in model regions. Health Minister Karl Lauterbach plans to submit another draft law on this.

Last year, several cities, including Tübingen, Leipzig, Schwerin, Bremen, Hanover, Bonn, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, Offenbach, and Munich, had already shown interest in applying as model regions. Until this project is implemented, however, clubs and home-grown are the only legal options for acquiring cannabis that is not used as a medicine.

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