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2 months ago

Söder sieht das CanG. als Schaden für das Land

Ah, there it is again: the Söder-ish or Pilsinger-ish, or maybe simply the Bavarian double standard. Beer please, in quantities, but cannabis has no place in this beautiful federal state. The incorrigible and almost defiant Prime Minister sees the CanG. as an insult and warns all consumers and growers: Those who want to consume and cultivate cannabis in Bavaria should better leave.

Bavaria intends to enforce the new law strictly

Markus Söder also plans, despite the partial legalization of cannabis by the Bundestag, to fight the consumption and cultivation of cannabis as strictly as possible. Söder emphasized that the law should be strictly applied in Bavaria and a central control unit will be set up to monitor cultivation and consumption. The CSU warns that the law could cause damage and endanger security, and is considering legal action against it. The FDP criticizes the CSU's stance and argues that the current drug policy has failed. Supporters of the law, such as the Greens and the SPD, see it as a step towards freedom and reason in drug policy.

Bavarian double standard

It is indeed remarkable that in a state where the drug "beer" is almost revered as holy, cannabis or hemp, which also has a long tradition in Bavaria, is so unjustifiably demonized. While brewing beer and enjoying it is deeply rooted in Bavarian culture and even considered an identity-defining act, cannabis is viewed as taboo and stigmatized. Hemp has a long history in Bavaria, not only as a useful plant, but also in folk medicine and other areas.

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