Mila Grün 2K

5 months ago

Bundestag stimmt für das CanG.

The discussion during today's 2nd and 3rd reading in the Bundestag triggered a rollercoaster of emotions among the supporters of cannabis legalization in Germany. Everything was represented, from enthusiasm and joy to anger and amused incomprehension at the weak counter-arguments.

The majority is in favour of the CanG.

A clear majority for the legalization of cannabis was already evident in the hall, and the roll call vote confirmed the clear victory of the proposal with 407 votes. This means that cannabis in Germany is decriminalized or destigmatized. Adults may then carry up to 25 grams of cannabis without punishment and have up to 50 grams at home. In addition, everyone over 18 years old is allowed to cultivate three live, flowering, female cannabis plants at home. From 01.07.2024, cannabis clubs should be allowed to open in Germany.

This and other regulations come into effect with the new law, which the Federal Council must now approve.

Automatically translated by GTP-4 (See original)

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