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5 months ago


On this compelling episode of "Let's Be Blunt with Montel", we take a deep dive into the vibrant and intricate cannabis landscape of our nation's capital. It's a story of progress, entrepreneurship, and advocacy—featuring the indomitable Lisa Scott. Since 2016, Lisa has been on the frontlines, shaping D.C.'s cannabis culture. And now, she joins Montel to shed light on the development and challenges within D.C.'s tumultuous marijuana milieu.

Key topics we cover in this episode:

Lisa's Roots: As a D.C. local, Lisa brings insider insights and personal narratives to the evolution of cannabis legislation in the capital.

Legal Loops and Hoops: From Initiative 59 to the Barr Amendment blockade and the breakthrough of Initiative 71—learn how D.C. residents have navigated the complex path towards legal cannabis.

Edible Endeavors: Discover the sweet and savory taste of revolution with Lisa's delectable cannabis edibles company, Bud Appetit.

Screenwriting for Change: Lisa's creativity transcends to the screen, turning her seasoned cannabis experiences into captivating stories.

House 51 and Accessibility: How accessible is legal cannabis in D.C. today and what does House 51 mean for the future?

Cannabis Construct: An in-depth look into D.C.'s social equity program for entrepreneurs in the cannabis space.

Community Voices: Explore the efforts of the D.C. Cannabis Business Association in fostering an inclusive industry environment.

Lisa also spills the beans on her latest ventures and what the horizon holds for cannabis in Washington, D.C. Whether you're a cannabis enthusiast, advocate, entrepreneur, or simply curious about the intersectionality of policy and pot—this episode has something for everyone.

Tune in to be enlightened, inspired, and a part of the conversation that’s shaping the face of legal cannabis in D.C. and beyond. It's time to get real, it's time to get informed, it's time to get blunt with Montel!

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