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5 months ago

Tagesordnung: Beratung zur kontrollierten Can. Freigabe

On this Friday, February 23, 2024, a historic day hopefully awaits in the Bundestag as the second and third reading and deliberation on the draft law developed by the federal government for the controlled handling of cannabis and its amendment will take place. The draft proposes that adults be allowed to possess up to 50 grams of cannabis for personal consumption in private, while a maximum limit of 25 grams applies in public. The Health Committee has made some changes to the original draft after it led to turbulent discussions.

Justice fears overburdening

The federal government's draft law also aims to facilitate responsible use of cannabis and curb the health risks of the black market. This also includes the legalization of the private cultivation of up to three cannabis plants and the distribution by cultivation associations under strict regulations. Amnesty arrangements will also come into effect.

The media vividly reported yesterday on the concerns of the justice system, which fears possible overburdening due to these amnesty rules. According to LTO, this could lead to the planned regulations for the decriminalization of cannabis not coming into effect on April 1st, as intense negotiations with the states may be required, which may drag into the summer.

The Federal Council also expressed concerns about the financial burden on the states due to control and enforcement measures, as well as regarding the protection of minors and the monitoring of THC limits in road traffic. The federal government counters that the planned measures could lead to long-term savings and would ensure comprehensive health and youth protection.

On the other hand, the Union faction demands to stop the planned cannabis legalization and instead focus on prevention and research to highlight the risks of cannabis consumption. It argues that legalization would lead to an expansion of consumption, without relieving the judiciary or curbing the black market.

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