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5 months ago


Get ready to be enlightened as we explore uncharted territories in the thriving cannabis landscape on "Let's be Blunt with Montel." 🌿 In this insightful episode, we're joined by a visionary of natural wellness and cannabis entrepreneurship - Carlos “Los" Arias, co-founder and CEO of Green Horizons.

Los Arias isn't just a title-holder; he is a story of resilience and a testament to the healing powers of plant medicine. As a Southwestern University School of Law graduate, Carlos pivoted from law to a more grounded life

aligned with his passions in cannabis advocacy and holistic healthcare.

From the bustling growth of Colorado's cannabis scene, Carlos shares his entry into the industry, his personal health journey with cannabis, and how his pursuits in plant medicine have shaped his approach to business and


🔊 Tune in as Carlos delves into:

His formative years and the initial foray into plant medicine.

The transition from practicing law to pioneering in cannabis.

The therapeutic applications that transformed his life.

The inception of Green Horizons with his partner Michael.

Prepare for profound discussions and intriguing narratives that paint a picture of innovation, dedication, and green revolutions.

"Don't miss out on this episode of 'Let's be Blunt with Montel' – A testimony to growth, healing, and the pursuit of natural excellence. Learn and grow with us. 🔊💚"

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