Montel Williams 5K

4 months ago


In this illuminating episode of "Let's Be Blunt," we dive deep into the ever-evolving world of cannabis policy and its profound impact on social justice. Our guest, the illustrious Jason Starr, a leading attorney, educator, and strategist, shares his invaluable wisdom gleaned from over 15 years in the trenches of human rights work. Jason's unique blend of legal expertise and his role as Chief Impact Officer at On The Revel has positioned him at the forefront of the fight for fair and just cannabis policies. From the potential rescheduling of cannabis by federal agencies to the intricate web of social and economic considerations, Jason provides a comprehensive overview of where the industry stands today and where it’s headed. Join us as we explore the dual challenges of cannabis advocacy: championing social justice while navigating the business landscape. With compelling insights on labor rights, family separations influenced by cannabis policy, and the cultural significance of cannabis in the queer community, this conversation promises to be just as nuanced as it is enlightening. For anyone passionate about cannabis reform and its intersection with social justice, this episode is a must-listen for understanding the complex, ongoing debate that is shaping the future of the cannabis industry.

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