Dave Barton
co-founder/creative director

7 months ago

Howdy canna-friends!

Nice to meetcha (if we haven't already met) :)

I'm Dave, the co-founder and creative director of cannabis marketing agency, thermidor< – UK-based, but globally focused (hey – there's a whooollle world out there...).

As well as being scribers of cann-tastic copy and comms (y'know -- blogs, websites, whitepapers and the like) and creators of standout video content, we have a podcast (the lobsterpot<) and a weekly newsletter.

So... canna brand-anas – ancillaries, plant touchers, software vendors, etc: how'd you like to get your brand in front a few thousand industry movers, shakers, smokers, and vapers?

Then, by Jove, you need to start sponsoring some lobsterpot< content!

So whatcha waiting for??

LINK AQUI! https://kami.app/Ws9-TGc-YSe-1EC


#marketing #cannabusiness #420 #cannabisindustry #cannabiscommunity

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