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Head of Loomis Pharma

6 months ago

Loomis Pharma - cannabis logistic solution

Loomis Pharma "The ultimate secured supply chain" is a unique national and international logistics concept that guarantees the integrity of our customers' products within the supply chain and creates added value for the business.


How it works:

- Loomis Pharma draws on the expertise and experience of an established

pharmaceutical management team who have a deep understanding of the

pharma and cannabis industry and its customer requirements.

- Safety through secure and dedicated vehicles, GPS tracking and alarm


- Quality through our quality management system that ensures correct

product temperature, adherence to standard operating procedures and compliance

with GDP guidelines.

- Personalized solution in a highly regulated environment with

integrated service for national and international distribution.


Of course, we want to support the cannabis industry and its growth with our logistic



If you would like to learn more about us don't hesitate to contact me!

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