Kinan Saeb

7 months ago

UrinKing B2B Angebot - Fake Urin

Hello to all colleagues!

My name is Kinan and I am the owner of the company UrinKing.

For several years now, we have been producing our own artificial urine in our laboratory in Munich and filling it up.

Over the years, we have been able to build a good customer base and a small fan community, this is partly due to some rappers with whom we have collaborated or still work with.

Here I would like to offer you our products, we now produce our own underwear with secret compartment (the "Bunkerhosen), building trays, grinder cards and of course the fake / artificial urine.

We are happy to brand our Fake Urin with your company logos etc. even for very small quantities, for larger quantities, we can also offer you sales trays with your branding.

We look forward to every inquiry and are excited to see what this platform has to offer us.

I wish you all a pleasant rest of the week!

Best regards

Kinan Saeb

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