Andy Staudinger
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7 months ago

Werbung für CBD Produkte

CBD and advertising is a tough subject. I had to find this out myself, but if one deals with it and has some knowledge, it is not impossible.

I can tell you my marketing firm has sweated...

I have to say straight away that developing CBD products is a hobby for me, what my core business is is web design and marketing:

  • native Ads, Meta Ads, google Ads
  • Creating websites
  • Creating and marketing online shop solutions

This post is not for small shops or companies, to really generate sales, one should have a budget of at least €4000.00 available.

Let me explain a bit summarized:

  • Landing page – Game changer
  • Create testimonials | or a general advertising text
  • Set links
  • Native Ads / Google Ads (Google has other values PLEASE NOTE) play | the target group is the crux

It is a solution that I work out individually with my advertising, web design agency. It's just like the payment gateway for Stripe.

Where there's a way, there's a solution in the CBD industry too!!

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