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6 months ago

Hi, ich bin Benni von Monpti

Monpti is the shortened version of 'mon petit' and a nickname for our Doob Tube made of high-quality polycarbonate. The case is waterproof and odor-proof to safely store and transport one's joint.


Because of the impending legalization, our Doob Tubes look different: they are loud, pink, and transparent. After all, it's no longer a secret if you're carrying a joint at a festival or getting high on a family walk. In addition, they are a statement piece on a bag, phone strap, or clothing. 

I run monpti.shop, an online shop for Doob Tubes and contemporary accessories for stoners. The Doob Tube is the first (own) product, further products with an emphasis on design, quality, and sustainability will follow shortly.

I am the Art Director at a Stuttgart graphic agency, proud dad, self-employed tattoo artist, art mediator in the Brightzeit project space, and former liquor store owner.

I'm very much looking forward to contacts from the industry!

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