EINS Labor - Labor für Rauch- und Dampfemissionen

We offer services that assist in the registration of e-cigarettes under the European Union Tobacco Directive. We take on the work for the registration and ensure that all necessary information is provided. We conduct emission measurements with GC-MS, HPLC, and ICP-EOS to gather the required data. Initially, we verify if the data provided by the e-cigarette manufacturer or importer is complete and correct. If any information is missing, we fill it in and ensure that the registration complies with applicable legal provisions.

Our service can be beneficial for companies that are unsure whether their registration meets the requirements of the Tobacco Directive. With the help of our experienced team and our emission measurements, they can ensure that their e-cigarettes are properly registered and can therefore be legally placed on the market.

Overall, registering e-cigarettes under the European Union Tobacco Directive is an important step to ensure that these products can be safely and legally put on the market. Companies that manufacture or place e-cigarettes on the market should ensure they provide all necessary information and properly register their products. If they are unsure whether they meet these requirements, they can contact us and we will assist them in the registration and conduct the necessary measurements.

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