Alex Robles
Programming Director

10 months ago

Transformative power of psychedelics

Psychedelic and ecodelic medicines like psilocybin, ayahuasca, and iboga are breaking barriers in mental health treatment.  💪 They offer hope for addiction, PTSD, cancer, cluster headaches, anxiety, and depression. 🌈

These medicines are no longer on the fringe; they're at the forefront of discussions. Well-capitalized biotech companies are making multimillion-dollar IPOs, reflecting growing investor interest and acceptance. 📈

But as we embrace this new era, let's remember the cultures and traditions that have known the power of these plants for generations.  🌍 Indigenous and counterculture wisdom has always regarded them as foundational, not fringe. 🌱

Instead of corporadelia's pursuit of standardization, let's honor the care and wisdom of these traditions.  🙏 They provide a valuable counterbalance to the rush towards profit and market-driven narratives. 🚀

We must protect the integrity of these medicines and the communities that have long held their knowledge.  💬 Let's ensure they remain accessible, affordable, and respectful of their origins. 🤝

Join the conversation for responsible and holistic approaches to psychedelic healing. 🗣️✨ #Psychedelics #MentalHealth #ListenToGreencoastradio.com 🎧🌌

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