Inten Tirkasari

9 months ago

"Enhanced Pre-Rolled Cone Papers for a Better Experience"

We're excited to announce a major advancement in our pre-rolled cone paper!

Our KS 1000 size (109/21 and 109/26) is universally compatible, designed to effortlessly slide into any King Size Knockbox filling device or similar equipment you prefer.

But that's not all – our state-of-the-art multicut filter technology has been perfected, ensuring minimal residue buildup in your rolling setup. Get ready for a cleaner, more efficient rolling experience like never before! 🌿

Want to be among the first to try it out? Reach out via email for a free sample or a test run. Just drop us a line at [email protected].

And for more information about our products, visit us at www.eurocones.com.

Roll on! 📩🍃

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